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At NHBC, we help you adopt the right corporate structure for your UAE business to succeed.

There are several structures available for foreign investors looking to benefit from the attractive fiscal structures the UAE provides – 100% foreign ownership, no corporate tax, no capital gains tax, no income tax. As to which option is right for your business will depend on the nature of the activities to be carried out and, to some extent, the jurisdiction of your target customers.

NHBC provides tailor-made company formation services to foreign investors to help identify the right corporate structure for their UAE business to be successful. Our team will navigate you through the local laws and practices which govern your industry sector.

Our experience spans across several industry sectors, including E-commerce, education, consultancy, blockchain, hospitality, FMCG, oil & gas, industrial/manufacturing, IT & media, finance/insurance, retail, trading and sports services.

NHBC’s know-how ensures that its clients receive the most up-to-date and relevant advice on the structuring, ownership and management of their UAE businesses.

There are various ways of accessing the exciting opportunities presented by the UAE. A presence on the ground can assist significantly in positioning your business in the global market while providing you with direct control.

The most common corporate structures adopted by foreign investors for their UAE businesses include:

  • Free Zone Company (FZC)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Branch of a Foreign Company (Branch)
  • Civil Partnership
  • Sole Establishment

Notwithstanding the local participation requirements, many international businesses have established LLCs and are enjoying the opportunities presented by the UAE and wider region, to ensure that their business is structured in a way which secures control, and the right to profits for the foreign shareholder.

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