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We offer 360-degree business launch services, advice on the right company setup
(Free Zone, Offshore or Mainland), banking & financial services, market research and corporate structuring.

Market Research and Introductions

We help you grow

We help you understand better if there is a suitable market fit for your product or service; find and introduce you to the right partners and clients and liaise on your behalf, to interface with private businesses, corporations, associations, and governmental organisations.

Banking and Financial Services

Banking made easy

We assist you with banking related services such as opening of bank accounts, credit card applications, merchant services, lending facilities, accounting and VAT related services. We understand the availability of reliable banking with the complete range of banking services as an absolute must for our clients.

Other services

Visa & Administrative

We assist you with your visa application from start to finish - entry permit application, personal assistance with the medical exam, visa stamping and Emirates ID application. We also provide other Administrative and Company Management services that help manage your day-to-day operations without hassle.

UAE Business setup consultancy

About NHBC

We are a Dubai based consultancy firm, specialized in setting up businesses and conducting market research for our clients in the United Arab Emirates. 

Setting up a business doesn't merely consist of getting the right structure and license, it entails much more such as selecting the right office space or warehouse, meeting the right partners, clients or investors, hiring of personnel, amongst others.

With more than 15 years of combined experience spanning across several industry sectors, we understand your needs and advise you on your new business endeavours and the best way forward: be it a setup in a Free Zone or a setup in UAE Mainland, individual or corporate shareholder, flexi desk or office space or even ensuring a smooth business operation on an everyday basis.

We know all the ins and outs, all the possible problems you might face and issues you might encounter while setting up your business, but more importantly - we know how to avoid them.

Looking to setup a business in the UAE?

We speak your language

We welcome clients from all over the world and our proficiency in English, Dutch, Spanish and French help our European and global clients be comfortable and communicate in the language of their choice while we work with them through the process of business setup in Dubai and the UAE.

We understand the language of business and have in-depth knowledge about double taxation treaties between our clients' country and the UAE which is paramount to provide proper corporate advice.

We provide honest timeframes, a direct approach, and end-to-end service to our European and global clients. Even after our services have concluded, we communicate regularly with our clients and work towards being strong partners in their success.


Managing Director

Francesca has advised numerous international companies and European individuals with business setups and market introductions.

NHBC aims to deliver a personalised tailored approach to clients, instead of generic cookie-cutter solutions that are offered in the industry.

Her knowledge on UAE business setups, banking, marketing, project management and government related services have helped clients find suitable, profitable expansion and sound fiscal solutions for their businesses.

In addition to working in the UAE, Francesca has worked in Australia, Spain and the Netherlands. Her fluency in European languages and intercultural communication skills make clients feel at ease.

A&A Associate is a preferred partner of NHBC
To solve the needs of our clients, we have partnered with A&A Associate LLC. They provide an array of solutions, from legal support, bookkeeping, accounting and audit assistance to ensure the smooth sailing of any organization.
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Update: Economic Substance Regulations in the UAE - Part 3

In order to ensure that you do not incur any penalties, contact us today for assistance with filing the notification and the Economic Substance Report.

November 12, 2020

Travel guidance for Dubai residents and tourists

COVID-19 flight and travel restrictions remain in place across many countries around the world. We are closely monitoring the situation as it evolves and we will provide frequent updates on this website.

August 19, 2020

Business etiquette in the UAE

Even though the UAE is a global business hub, new businesses should have some awareness of the Arab culture and the business etiquette that may be prevalent in the local business environment. In the Arab world, a large part of business is conducted on the basis of personal relationships and mutual trust.

August 10, 2020

Economic Substance Regulations in the UAE - Part 2

As per the recent Economic Substance Regulation, UAE onshore and free zone companies and other UAE business forms (referred to as “Licensees”) are required to notify to the Relevant Authorities as to whether they are conducting the relevant activity or not as per the regulation and required to file the necessary details as mentioned in the Notification form.

May 13, 2020

Navigating the impact of Coronavirus on your business

Join us in an informative and thought-provoking webinar on Monday 6 April at 3 PM Gulf Standard Time, to navigate the impact of the coronavirus on businesses and explore ways for a better chance of survival.

April 5, 2020

Does Corona Virus qualify as a Force Majeure Event?

Does Corona Virus qualify as a Force Majeure Event - UAE & KSA perspectives.

March 31, 2020

Economic Substance Regulations in the UAE - Part 1

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was removed from the European Union (EU) blacklist by the Code of Conduct Group on Business Taxation on 10 October 2019, all thanks to the introduction of Economic Substance Regulations. These new regulations were introduced under the specific guidance issued by the UAE Ministry of Finance. The purpose of the Regulations is to ensure that UAE entities adhere to additional compliance and substance requirements for UAE businesses in certain sectors. The new regulations have led to enhanced confidence of international investors and financial institutions and the UAE still is an extremely attractive place to incorporate a new business.

November 12, 2020

Het openen van een zakelijke bankrekening in de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten.

Wij hebben de expertise om uw zakelijke bankrekening te openen en wij helpen u graag bij dit proces, zodat u waardevolle tijd, geld en energie kunt besparen!

January 20, 2020


Francesca is a personable and experienced professional in helping businesses set-up new companies in the Middle East.  With her strong hands-on approach and extended networks, she gets things done quickly and customizes solutions for each business. Seventh Bridges Project Management & Services provides fast and fit-for-purpose temporary bridges for rental in the offshore and maritime sector. We highly recommend Francesca's valuable services at very cost-effective prices.

Hendrik van der Ham - founder of Seventh Bridges Project Management & Services

Testimonial from Seventh Bridges Project Management & Services
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After several failed attempts to open our corporate bank account in Dubai, we were advised to contact NHBC. After NHBC took over this application process, we finally managed to get our bank account approved. Due to the close relationship we’ve built with Francesca, we expanded our business relation. She is now our partner for our company related work, visa and HR related subjects and she guides us with questions regarding the UAE law. Francesca is not only a nice personality but also a real good professional. If she doesn’t know a direct answer, she will find out and always revert back with the right advise.

Bas van Hoof - Keller Kitchens FZ-LLC

Testimonial from Keller Kitchens FZ-LLC
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We needed a partner in UAE to setup a UAE business as a hub for our projects in South East Asia and Africa. We needed advice for choosing the right Free Zone and bank, and assistance with the setup and opening of a corporate bankaccount. While we didn't have the time nor knowledge of all the possibilities for setting up our business in the UAE, we were happily surprised that New Horizons Business Consultants helped us out in a very resolute way forward. Earlier contacts with other company advisors didn't end up with an incorporated freezone company and active corporate bank account. Francesca knows her way around in UAE, from the staff members of the Free Zones to the right bank employees. This was the only right way to set up the business and the bank account, we're glad we found a consultant who introduced us to the right people.

After setting up our FZ-LLC, we never missed any deadline for visa renewal or renewal of our company license or other contracts. NHBC’s doesn't stop after the initial setup but is ongoing. Even when picking up important documents in the UAE, anything related to banks or government authorities, there is no delay in the needed services. Francesca doesn't have to think about twice - it's embedded in the service oriented company of hers. So for Dutch entrepreneurs who would like to set u a business in the UAE we recommend NHBC and its owner Francesca to you as the right start of doing successful business in this hub to the rest of the world.

Testimonial from SunWind Renewables FZ-LLC
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After setting up our UAE Free Zone Company, it seemed to be impossible to get our corporate bank account opened. After numerous failed attempts, we were advised to contact Francesca Bouwman from NHBC Dubai. She managed to navigate us through this daunting process smoothly and managed to get two corporate bank accounts opened. Thank you! Boxpal International FZE.

Testimonial from Boxpal International FZE
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Francesca Bouwman from NHBC has assisted Scandia Gear with setting up a branch in Dubai Mainland. Because of her knowledge of local legislation and customs, this process went very well. She assisted us with all administrative actions required for the business setup, opening of the corporate bank account, but also, for example, supervising visa applications and work permits.

We experience Francesca as a pleasant personality and a constructive and cooperative consultant.

Ad Jongenelen - Manager Global Operations at Scandia Gear

Testimonial from Scandia Gear
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Francesca is extremely knowledgeable, professional and approachable. Highly motivated and outgoing, she builds trusting relationships easily and is well respected in her industry. She is a highly valuable asset to any company that is planning to set-up a complete new business in the UAE region.

- Zettex International
Testimonial from Zettex
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"Applying for my residence VISA, the Emirates-ID and a company bank account were daunting tasks for me. I didn’t know where to begin or which questions to ask, and office employees never seemed to follow through when I asked.

New Horizons Business Consultants did everything – with almost no time or effort for me. The best part was that I could completely trust their managing director Francesca to represent my company professionally and guide me through the labyrinth of public authorities and bank branches.

When Francesca says "no worries" you can consider tasks as done. Many thanks to the team of NHBC and my best compliments for Francesca!“

Ralph Szabo - PharmTrade EU

Testimonial from PharmTrade EU
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